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Moving and Packing Supplies You Should Always Have on Hand

Moving and Packing Supplies You Should Always Have on Hand

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. While you may have already made a list of all the items you need to take with you, there are some essential moving and packing supplies that you should never move without. From boxes and tape to bubble wrap and furniture pads, these supplies will make your move much easier. And less stressful! Let’s take a look at the basic must-have supplies for any move.


Often overlooked yet one of the most important moving materials, boxes make it easy to transport your items from one place to another. When selecting boxes, try to stick with uniform sizes so that they’re easier to stack and store in your new home. Make sure that each box is strong enough for what you’re putting in it. Lighter items like clothing or linens will work fine in standard cardboard boxes. Heavier items like kitchen appliances require more durable ones like plastic storage bins. If you home is full of trinkets and books, it’s best to purchase an array of smaller boxes as opposed to just one big box.

Packing Tape & Labels

Packing tape is essential for closing your moving boxes securely and keeping them closed during transit. Additionally, labeling your boxes with their contents makes unpacking much easier when you get to your new home. To save yourself time (and headache!), include a detailed list of what’s inside each box on its label. This way, you won’t have to guess which box holds what when it comes time to unpack.

Bubble Wrap & Furniture Pads

To ensure that your fragile items stay safe during the move, use bubble wrap or furniture pads for extra protection against bumps and drops along the way. Wrap any glassware or electronics in bubble wrap before packing them into an appropriately sized box. If possible, line the bottom of the box with additional cushioning material like old towels or blankets. Furniture pads are also great for protecting items such as chairs, tables, sofas, dressers—anything with legs or edges that could get scratched during loading or transport.

Scissors, Box Cutter or Utility Knife

Two essential tools: scissors and box cutters (or utility knives). Scissors are great when you need to reopen boxes; but if you want maximum efficiency while unpacking at the end of your move – trust us! Reaching for a box cutter is key as it slices through cardboard quickly. Plus they come in handy when needing to snip through tough plastic zip ties too!

Thick Marker

Make sure your boxes are clearly labeled with a permanent marker. The optimal marker to use should be between 4 and 5 millimeters in width. Thick enough that you can easily read what’s written at a glance, yet not so broad as to obscure the details of your description.

Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is the ideal tool for organizing and labeling a variety of items. It provides just enough tackiness to hold things in place while still coming off without damaging surfaces or leaving residue behind. It can also be used safely on delicate furniture drawers, boxes, plastics containers and more! Its versatility makes this product perfect for keeping nuts & bolts with their original pieces as well as adding labels to objects wrapped up tightly – whatever your lifestyle needs may demand!

Heavy-Duty or Flexible Trash Bags

Don’t let a sudden lack of packing boxes set you back! Stock up on trash bags instead – they come in handy for lots more than just the garbage. Whether its clothes, linens, cushions or pillows; trash bags can handle it all and still make sure to leave plenty left over for your day-to-day trash needs.

Labels or Colored Stickers

Staying organized can go a long way when relocating. Labeling and color-coding your items will make unpacking easier, faster, and more efficient. Place labels on boxes or use colored stickers/dots to track where each item should be placed in the new home. Having multiple containers that are individually labeled by room can help reduce stress as you won’t have to keep explaining where everything goes!

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, having all of the necessary moving and packing supplies is key to a successful move. Boxes help keep things organized while packing tape ensures everything stays secure while in transit. Labeling your boxes will save time when unpacking later on down the road! With all these essential packing and moving supplies by your side (or rather packed away neatly in a truck!), nothing can stop you from getting settled into your new home quickly and easily!

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